The whole last year, the world was shaken by the word "collusion", in the political sense. I’m referring to the 45th President of the United States Trump and his associates ("Secret Collusion with Russia"). The investigation continues.

In 2018 something similar has reached Ukraine.

January 13, 2018, Georgian TV channel Rustavi-2 has published documents that are named as "copies of President Petro Poroshenko's appeals to the (Russia’s) FSB dated February 2007".

A literal text of one of the documents:

"Promissory. I, a citizen of Ukraine, Pyotr [in Russian] Poroshenko, born on September 26, 1965, staying on the territory of the Russian Federation, undertake to comply strictly with Russia’s legislation, not to take part in activities which are directed against the interests of the Russian Federation.
I have no complaints about the actions of the Russian border guards.
February 3, 2017."

In the description to the video and documents, Tamara Bagashvili says that these documents call into question the true President of Ukraine Poroshenko attitude to Russia and to the pro-European choice of Ukraine he declared. Allegedly confirmation of this is Poroshenko's words in another document (on the same day):

"I consider the ban to enter Russia as unfounded since I have nothing to do with the anti-Russian campaign of President Yushchenko. I’m one of the founders of the Party of Regions. In the interests of Russia, I’m engaged in attracting major investments for the Roshen plant in the Lipetsk region and Bogdan in the Nizhny Novgorod region of Russia, creating and providing jobs for Russians."

On February 3, 2007, Petro Poroshenko was truly not allowed to enter the territory of Russia.
On February 6, it became known that the entry into the territory of the Russian Federation was banned for Poroshenko. The reason: "unfriendly actions (on the part of Ukraine) which run counter to the good-neighborly nature of Russian-Ukrainian relations."

The documents were received from a confidential source, as Nodar Meladze, the head of the information service of the Georgian TV company Rustavi-2 said. Meladze insists on the authenticity of these Poroshenko’s appeals to Russia’s FSB. Although at his disposal are not original documents, but copies. And he suggests to conduct a graphological examination, if someone has doubts about the authenticity. One of the "documents" indicates that Poroshenko traveled to St. Petersburg (Russia) to visit the relatives of his elder son Alexei's wife. -But Alexey got married only in 2013.

The Presidential Administration said that "the so-called documents" on behalf of Petro Poroshenko are "a base forgery and fake manufactured and abandoned by the Rustavi-2 television company by the Russian special services," the statement said on the website of the Ukrainian President.

Georgian TV channel Rustavi-2 is opposition and very close to the ex-President of Georgia, Mikheil Saakashvili. Always supported him under his presidency. Now it actively criticizes the current power in Georgia and still treats Saakashvili favorably. "Rustavi 2" broadcasts not only in Georgia but in Europe and the Middle East. Saakashvili doubts the authenticity of these documents but still believes that Poroshenko cooperates with the Russia’s FSB, Putin, etc. "on other topics."

Ukrainian media immediately spread this information, with various comments, which are clearly not in favor of the President of Ukraine. In particular, one of the influential Ukrainian media "Ukrayins'ka pravda" has called these documents as "compromising on Poroshenko."

Later on the same site has appeared a PS.

"From" Ukrayins'ka pravda":
"We have published this document without any confirmation that it is reliable. We do acknowledge that its content is questionable and we have not made any efforts to confirm the authenticity of the data in this news. We are aware of our mistake and apologizes to readers."
Apologies are brought to readers, but not to the President.

Why all of a sudden these documents surfaced right now, not immediately after Petro Poroshenko was elected as President of Ukraine? And what do these documents confirm or disprove? And the most important questions: what is the purpose and who benefits of it?
How these "documents", or rather, photocopies, were found by the Georgian TV company and the source - unknown. Their authenticity is not confirmed too.

These facts that indicated in the "documents" are true:

  • Petro Poroshenko is indeed one of the founders of the Party of Regions that later has became the ruling party in the Ukrainian Parliament. Its leader was the ex-president of Ukraine Yanukovych. Now this party has been transformed into the "Opposition Bloc" which is represented in the Parliament. And yes, the reputation of this party was and is now quite doubtful.

  • Petro Poroshenko really owns big business in Ukraine and abroad, including Roshen and Bogdan. Not a big secret. And yes, he had business in Russia, attracted investments and organized jobs for Russians.

  • The entry to Russia in 2007 was banned for Petro Poroshenko. This is confirmed by the comments of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

What is the purpose of publishing such information - is a riddle for me. If these ostensibly documents were dated 2014 or later, then yes. This is a big political scandal and even treason: the President of the country in which there is a war with Russia, undertakes not to take actions against Russia. But in 2007 everything was different. It seems that the two countries were "fraternal," as Russia claims even now. There was no hot war in the Donbass, there was no annexation of the Crimea, there was no tough confrontation between the two countries because of Russia's military aggression in Ukraine, etc.

Who benefits - I can only assume, no more.

It can be one of the ways of Saakashvili's fight against Poroshenko which really exists. Another option - attempts “to add oil to the fire” on the eve of the presidential elections in Ukraine in 2019 by some rivals. But the campaign has not yet begun and there is no confirmation that President Poroshenko is going to participate in.

Another possibility: so to say, the "Russian trace" which can’t be ruled out too. To use this information for impeachment - grounds? Some papers with text dated by 2007? Absurd. Maybe there are other reasons - today it does not change anything by and large.

One could not pay attention to all this "compromising evidence". But this is not just the information, such action pursues some goal. What is the goal - the main question in this hype.

/Article by Nata Hari
Ukraine-Journal - exclusive